Penhaligon’s London

Our involvement with Penhaligon’s new store concept culminated in a return to the store in which our collaboration with them on the RIBA windows competition began, at Regent Street in London. Here the ideas developed and tested in nearly ten stores across the world are found in their most refined form. As with the other stores materially, the interior consists of a concentrated palette of key materials inspired by the brand’s history – stone floors, fumed oak, brushed brass, fluted plaster and Portland stone.

In this store blackened oak shelving is dissolved into a framework enabling a display that both suited the deep and narrow interior, but also celebrates the material and its constructional logic. Fluted plaster is introduced to provide a refined yet contemporary lining to the central column but also to the high level bulkhead that transitions between the tall entrance space and the lowered ceiling in the rest of the store. Elsewhere the brand’s heritage quality is expressed in the carefully positioned elegant but unostentatious brass structures, used to display the fragrance bottles as precious objects.