Visitor Centre, Langley Vale, Surrey

Our proposal for the Langley Vale Visitor Hub was envisaged as a contemporary interpretation of a farm smallholding, both merging into, and graduating from the woodland hedgerows. Inspired by the local vernacular, the project was conceived of as a composition of barn volumes that interlock, shift and coalesce to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. A partially covered entrance garden anchors the project to its surroundings, encapsulating the vision and ideals of the Woodland trust. The carefully positioned window openings and entrance garden focus the visitor experience into the beauty of the surroundings, eliciting joy by framing of views the centenary memorial and wider woodland landscape. Nestled on the edge of an ancient hedgerow, our proposal is arranged in linear form to create a permeable screen between the rich vegetation of the woodland and the open expanse of the meadow field.




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